Life is short. Let´s make a positive difference.

Taste of Trend was inspired by active and committed people who stand up for a good cause - explorers, change-makers, lifelong learners, adventurers, trailblazers. People like you - who are active in their lives pursuing their dreams and want to make a positive difference. 

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LIMITED: PockMate™

Portable Waterproof Outdoor Mat

When you rest in a meadow, it is annoying when your belongings are scattered on the ground or on the grass. Especially when the grass is "dewy".

With this waterproof portable outdoor blanket you have the following advantages on every trip. Not only is it light as a feather (a normal toilet paper has 80g/m2 and the blanket almost 140g/m2) and fits in every trouser pocket.

  • Waterproof - no more wet grassy bums!
  • Dirt Resistant - Easy To Clean
  • Integrated Pegs (for windy days)
  • Robust & High Quality Material
  • Taste of Trend Warranty & 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Our community welcomes all people to not take life too seriously, and to find their strength to go out in the world and ‘do’. We are passionate about inclusivity, nature, connection, exploration, and most of all fun! Let’s spread positive vibes.


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