Our Story

From The Beginning

We made Taste of Trend for you! Taste of Trend was inspired by active and committed people who stand up for a good cause - explorers, change-makers, lifelong learners, adventurers, trailblazers. People like you - who are active in their lives pursuing their dreams and want to make a positive difference. 

Fair & Affordable Pricing

All of our products, are priced with your budget in mind. We have committed to donating 5% of your purchase to a selected non-profit organization, which will change each year. These organizations range from environmental initiatives to animal welfare to social causes and churches.

Your Community

Every piece you purchase offers you a portal to a new world. We're working to build an online community of strong, fierce people who love to climb trees and look good while doing it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption. We develop products based on the principles of thoughtful design, unyielding quality, honest value, positive impact and a powerful statement.

We have worked from the ground up to ensure fair prices and high quality products. We work hard to show our community our view and our goals - the good and the bad - and communicate not only what we are doing to improve, but also how they can help.

Since our founding, we have funded a number of social projects through the sale of our products, thanks to our dedicated community of passionate supporters. These include, for example, running new schools in areas without access to education, providing private grants and resources to small farmers and impoverished communities.

Welcome to Taste of Trend

Our community welcomes all people to not take life too seriously, and to find their strength to go out in the world and ‘do’. We are passionate about inclusivity, nature, connection, exploration, and most of all- fun! Life is short. Let’s spread positive vibes.